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Personal Sedona Day Spa Retreats
Outcall Spa Services & Sea Spa Products

Ancient Sea Healing Spa Services brings professional spa treatments directly to your Sedona area location creating your own personal Sedona day spa.

Our spa services, therapeutic massage, bodywork, Sedona spa retreats and home spa products invite clients to enter a meditative state of pure relaxation, healing and deep inner peace. Body and soul are nourished and revitalized by thalassotherapy* treatments using only the finest, all-natural products available.

Bring the professional spa experience home with our exceptional
Sea Spa Products and Seaweed Supplements.

Click here to download an article on the healing properties of brown seaweed (laminaria).

*Thalassotherapy: Derived from the word thalassa in Greek, meaning the sea, and is the term coined in the 19th century to describe the many uses and curative effects of sea water, and of substances derived from the sea, such as seaweed, sea mud, sand, sea-spray. It is the fact that the sea is so rich in minerals, and is alive with micro-organisms, that make it so therapeutic.

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